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A R T  +  A R C H I T E C T U R E

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Latest Project

Art Sculpture

Crystal Dragon (2024)

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Crystal Dragon

Acrylic sheets and steel rods - (2024)

Purity of strength and unity

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Art Installations

Immersive Creations

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Glass Doughnut

Immersio Exhibition 2023

Muzium Telekom

Myjong Mahjong

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Malaysia Mahjong

Limited Edition of 10

plywood version

chengal version

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News & Publication

Malaysian Mahjong

Mashable SE Asia
June 2, 2021

Malaysian artist creates mahjong set out of wood and it's absolutely stunning. Nevertheless, this had Kai Yi Wong, an architect graduate, determined to make mahjong well known throughout the community while also bringing together people of different races in Malaysia.

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enter the parallel universe

a world that does not make any sense

Globalization has driven technological advancement faster than ever before. It is just a matter of time where all of us will be sucked into the virtual world; or we already are?

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2015 - 2020

B.Arch - UCSI University, MY

M.Arch - University of Sheffield, UK

Selected projects throughout the education and competitions.

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The energy proposal cover.jpg

Energy Proposal

Architecture Thesis

The Energy Proposal is a radical tale of green energy city futures, advocating a change in public consciousness about climate crisis, as well as on the political, economical and cultural sides. Started off as a critique of capitalism and globalisation of the public sphere: privatisation of cities, deregulation of the corporate sector and lower corporate taxation, paid for with cuts to public spending - are each fundamentally in conflict with climate movement and of our economic model.

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Environment Technology

Environment Technology

Creativity drives Innovation. Dream big and solve it later.

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22-23, 29-30 Jan
12-13 Feb

Collaboration with REXKL and Carlsber Malaysia.

Interactive exhibition. Come and play with us!



APW Bangsar

21-23 Jan


Why a bank? Why not?

A lot of people walked in and thought is a real bank in town. Well, they are not wrong.

Update: we are forced to shut down!

Photo: Aaron Wong


1000 Tiny Artworks

The Backroom KL

17-19 Dec 2021

Exhibition by @artistsofsea x @thebackroomkl

Initiated by artist Red Hong Yi, "1000 tiny artwork' features artworks created by 100 local artists at 10x10cm from RM100 each. Artists' names are only revealed upon purchase!

Photo: Annice Lyn

2021 GTF -3314.jpg

Georgetown Festival

First Floor, The Whiteaways Arcade, George Town, Penang
26 - 28 November 2021

Most of us look forward to the weekends but not Red Hong Yi and her artistic team – it is Mondays that they look forward to the most. For them, Mondays are spent on experimental, self-initiated and curiosity-driven personal projects, exploring various themes and techniques, from pencil sketches to sculptures to paintings to mental health and the digital realm of NFTs. “Thank God It’s Monday” is an exhibition of works created on Mondays by Red and her creative team.

Photo: Annice Lyn


Thank God is Monday

The Backroom KL

21-25 April, 2021

Red Hong Yi and her team of architects and product designers are taking over The Backroom KL, showcasing their individual works and personal projects made in their free time mainly on Mondays. The day of the week when they do not work.

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For the past couple of years, I’ve had the chances to work with great artists, clients and friends. From making art and installation, graphic design and architecture.

I started out right after my graduation from Master of Architecture (MArch) at the University of Sheffield, UK. The exploration of other industry has opened my eyes that the creativity of an architecture graduate can do beyond designing buildings. Feel free to contact me for any collaboration and commission project!

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