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Featured projects


These are some selected projects I did for the past few years that I am really proud of. It is definitely challenging to have a vastly different set of problems to tackle from different projects. However, which also where the fun lies.


Iso-teract Pods

Pandemic Competition  2020

Zoey Low, Puisan Lim, Kaiyi Wong

‘Iso-teract’ is a novel portmanteau term to bring about interaction in isolation. It is absolutely challenging to bring this ideal term into fruition during the pandemic. However, despite the odds, it is still achievable. The project aims to resolve two main issues, the poor living condition of the tenants; and building up a defensive firewall to shut the virus out of the compound. Meantime, another huge challenge has resurfaced - the economic constraint. Hence, vernacular materiality is taken into account. In the project, bamboo is wildly used as primary material due to its availability, sustainability and its porosity to sunlight.


Energy Proposal

Y6  Joint Thesis   2020

Vicky Lee, Kaiyi Wong

The Energy Proposal is a radical tale of green energy city futures, advocating a change in public consciousness about climate crisis, as well as on the political, economical and cultural sides. Started off as a critique of capitalism and globalisation of the public sphere: privatisation of cities, deregulation of the corporate sector and lower corporate taxation, paid for with cuts to public spending - are each fundamentally in conflict with climate movement and of our economic model.

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Energy Proposal

Architecture Thesis 

Full portfolio available at issuu.



Microhome  2019

Vicky Lee, Limei Tan, Victoria Shu, Kaiyi Wong

The thoughts behind providing an affordable and sustainable housing option for young professionals are complex. Through speculating the concept of growth and expandability, we continued to contemplate the organisation of communities and to explore the architectural design of individual and co-living spaces with the integration of the off-grid system. Overall, the value of our proposal is to encourage sustainability socially and environmentally towards Malaysia’s urban context.

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Urban Banquet

Community Kitchen + Food Hall

2019 Y5

This project studies the five human senses alongside emotions that define human interaction and experience and explored architecture’s role in experiencing them. The project used food as the catalyst to celebrate and highlight the cultural diversity in Burngreave, Sheffield whilst also restructuring employment and tackling poverty in the vicinity. The informal ephemera of smells escaping from kitchens and aromas wafting invitingly out of restaurant doors have come to define these urban territories in more meaningful and evocative ways.

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Evolo Skyscraper Competition  2018

Kelvin Siow

Zoey Low

Kaiyi Wong

The idea of introducing this skyscraper in Jakarta City is to bring the green space up amongst the clouds. As time goes by, the forest on the floating space will green spread all over the platform, and green will eventually sprawl down following the skyscraper's structure to the city below, moderating the pollution level and most importantly infusing green into the city. In this case, limitless green spaces without boundaries will be introduced all over the city below and connecting buildings with green sky bridges, creating green network.