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Art Installations

Welcome to the Fabricated Dreams

Defying traditional boundaries, merging architectural innovation with artistic expression. My creations invite viewers into immersive experiences that challenge perceptions of space, blurring the lines between the

tangible and the virtual. 

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- 2024 -

A year of Evolving Perspectives.

Red Booth

xOrdinary Exhibition 2024

Red Booth returns for its 3rd iteration at MITEC, revamped and revitalized with a bold new aesthetic. This year, the installation undergoes a rebranding, embracing a dynamic red palette to infuse the space with energy and intrigue. Inspired by the interplay of architecture and art, Red Booth invites visitors to explore the boundaries of perception within its immersive environment. As we continue to push creative boundaries, Red Booth stands as a testament to our commitment to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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- 2023 -

A Fruitful Year, Affirming my Creative Path.

Art: Video

The Glass Doughnut

Immersio 2023

A collaboration with Izealist. An interactive chronicle of time and transition, a transformative installation that reshapes how we perceive the wealth of nations. Meticulously constructed from recycled window glass, this sculptural marvel embodies the principles of Doughnut Economics, presenting a tangible narrative of balance and interdependence. 


Photo Credit (AaronWongYS)



Moonlit Dragon

KwaiChaiHong (鬼仔巷)

Step into the captivating concoction of Moonlit Dragon - an enchanting blend of art, architecture and folklore within Kwaichaihong's hidden alleyways. The alley transforms into a dragon's den, where a colossal dragon gracefully winds through the narrow passage. Crafted wooden frames adorned with translucent plates emit a warm, ethereal glow, casting enchanting light upon the dragon's form.

Art: Video

The story


Photo Credit (AaronWongYS)