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A Journey Beyond Reality

A Journey Beyond Reality, where the ordinary dissolves into the extraordinary. Each sculpture in this collection transcends the limits of traditional art, crafting surreal landscapes that feel both fantastical and strangely familiar. These creations are not merely objects but gateways to otherworldly experiences, where the physical and digital worlds converge in a harmonious dance. As you navigate through these ethereal constructs, you'll encounter visions that challenge your understanding of reality, inviting you to lose yourself in a dreamlike state where the impossible becomes tangible, and the unseen becomes vividly real.

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- 2024 -

A year of Evolving Perspectives.


Crystal Dragon

2024 solo project

This sculpture is a mesmerizing fusion of clear acrylics and threaded rods, meticulously crafted to create a breathtaking visual experience. Layers of acrylic sheets are intricately cut and arranged to resemble the contours of a dragon, each transparent layer adding depth and complexity to the overall form. The edges of the acrylics are finely cut and polished to mimic the sharp, gleaming appearance of crystals, catching and refracting light in a dazzling display. "Crystal Dragon" captures the essence of mythical creatures while simultaneously embodying an otherworldly, crystalline elegance that challenges the viewer’s perception of reality.

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- 2023 -

A Fruitful Year, Affirming my Creative Path.

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Unrealitykai 068.jpg


Galeri Prima: Textrina Exhibition

In "Perseverance 毅," I delve into the significance of my given name and my journey of self-discovery, using mixed media elements like LED strip lights, aluminum, and cables. This artwork explores the meaning of 毅 (perseverance) in Chinese, symbolizing my parents' hopes and my life's twists and turns. The tangled cables represent my internal struggle with societal and familial expectations versus my authentic path as an artist. Overlapping characters of 毅 reflect the multifaceted human experience, while contrasting red and white LED lights symbolize the conflicting emotions and decisions we face. This piece is a poignant reminder of the resilience needed to embrace one's unique journey and the profound significance of our names.


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- 2022 -

Embarking on the Creative Odyssey

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Last Monument

KLAF art installation competition (2nd place)

"Last Monument" is my exploration of the paradox between human technological progress and its devastating impact on nature and culture. Using lightweight concrete, resin, LED lights, and laser-cut steel, I aimed to symbolize the fragility of our architectural achievements. The arches, inspired by the Chinese character 人 (humanity), reflect Malaysia's diverse cultural heritage and the resilience of its people. The light breaking through the structure signifies fragile hope, emphasizing the urgency of environmental preservation. This piece urges a reevaluation of our advancement motives, advocating for a harmonious coexistence with the environment.

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"who says architecture has to be building?"

Kaiyi Wong

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