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Myjong Project

Collectible Limited Edition of 10

Being introduced to this highly addictive game lately, got me thinking about the meaning and objective of Mahjong, which is simply about strategy and calculation. On the table, we could briefly grasp the opponent’s character and personality. The small talk around the table is the gist of the game for socialising and bonding. Mahjong culture was brought over by our ancestors from China long ago, but it is only circulating around the Chinese community. I wonder about the depiction of different races sitting together playing the game.

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We constantly experiment with new materials and seek any possibilities to best manifest the identity of Malaysia Mahjong. We started out with plywood as a manifesto and prototype, and later we looked into Malaysian most premium solid heavy wood - Chengal. In future, we might look into something even more challenging - stone.



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Malaysia Rummy

Limited Edition of 10

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Premium Plywood

Limited Edition of 10

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Premium Chengal

Limited Edition of 10  (sold)

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The mahjong set comes with

  • 84 mahjong tiles

  • 2 timber dices

  • 3 timber rulers

  • timber casing

  • manual guide

each edition is numbered and signed.

Premium Plywood edition of 10


Premium Plywood - RM 1500

Plywood edition offers a more balanced tone throughout the mahjong set. Signature dark burnt on the edges reminisce the dual-tone impression of the traditional mahjong set. However, it is much lighter than the ordinary mahjong tiles.

Solid Chengal Wood edition of 10


Solid Chengal Solid Wood- RM 3800

Local Chengal wood offers the sturdiness and weight that close to the real deal. The natural tone of Chengal wood is kept similar to minimise compromisation gameplay. It gives a premium and natural look.

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Pre-order and for more information, please kindly contact us @myjong_mahjong on Instagram

Collectibles Malaysian Mahjong Limited edition of 10

Fabricate to order

lead time: approx. 1 month (non mco period)

A small amount of fee will be charged for international order and delivery 

*TnC apply*

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Myjong Project

premium plywood

premium chengal wood

limited edition of 10


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